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A Frame For Every Face - Choose The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Here at Vilo, we put a lot of thought into our unique wooden sunglasses, and not just how they're made. While the quality, sustainability, and conscientiousness of our shades is important to us, we also care a whole lot about how they look- how they look on us and, more importantly, how they look on you. 

Vilo wooden sunglasses are as versatile as they are visually appealing. Not only are they handcrafted from high-quality, natural wood, they are designed to enhance your organic look. Whether you're on a hike, running errands, or enjoying a day waterside, a set of Vilo frames is a perfect companion.

The question is, which frames will be a perfect companion for your face? The first step to answering that question is determining which of the following shapes your face most closely resembles:

  • Oval
  • Round
  • Square
  • Heart
  • Triangular

Vilo Sunglasses Face Shape Guide

Once you’ve identified your shape, you’re ready to explore which frames will do your face justice. 

*Use the Virtual Try On feature on each product page and just remember; if you try them on and love them, that's all that matters. Use this as a guide but don't be afraid to be you.


Oval-shaped faces are long and narrow. The forehead and jawline are rounded and roughly the same width, and the chin is a slightly more narrow soft curve. 

Oval-shaped faces can pull off just about any type of frame because they take on features of other shapes. However, longer faces are better suited to longer frames. Try a deep, wayfarer frame for your best fit. 

What we recommend: our Molasses Wooden Sunglasses, Angelou Wooden Sunglasses.

Molasses Wooden Sunglasses


Round faces are full and circle-shaped. There are no highly-defined angles as the forehead and jawline are soft and curved. . 

Rounder, fuller faces work best with more petite frames, and you can complement your circular features with frames that have defined edges. Rectangular frames that sit at or just above your cheekbones will sharpen your look. 

What we recommend: our Phoenix Wooden Sunglasses, or our Harvey Wooden Sunglasses

Harvey Wooden Sunglasses


Square faces are similar to round faces in that they are typically not very long. However, square faces have more defined edges and lines around the forehead and jaws. 

Square, angular faces are best complemented by round frames. The bold top and subtle bottom rim of an aviator style frame will accentuate and soften your square features at the same time.

What we recommend: our Koura Wooden Sunglasses.

Koura Wooden Sunglasses


Heart-shaped faces have the wide to narrow taper like triangular faces, but without the angles. The forehead and jawline are more rounded, and while the chin narrows from the jaw, it doesn't come to a point. 

Heart-shaped faces have the most fun selection of frames, as the cateye style suits them well. The cateye provides a more narrow frame that is still curved at the bottom with an angle in the top corners to complement the curves of the heart-shaped forehead. 

What we recommend: our Prestige Wood Sunglasses.

 Prestige Wooden Sunglasses


Triangular faces have wider foreheads that narrow through the jawline, coming to a point at the chin. 

Square frames will add some width to a narrow triangular face, but large round frames can also soften some of those angles while adding width as well. 

What we recommend: our Bounty Wooden Sunglasses, Florence Wooden Sunglasses, Eden Wooden Sunglasses, Henna Wooden Sunglasses, Urbanity Wooden Sunglasses.

Bounty Wooden Sunglasses

Florence Wooden Sunglasses


Your face may not distinctly resemble just one shape, but take on characteristics of two or even three of the facial figures. That’s okay! Play to your most prominent features with a frame that both highlights and balances them. Remember too that at the end of the day your personal style and what makes you feel best far outweighs any guide. 

Your face is exceptional. Accentuate it with a pair of Vilo Wooden Sunglasses that are equally extraordinary!