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These Sunglasses Are Awesome

"These sunglasses are awesome, they’re eco friendly, comfortable, polarised and look great. I am so happy with my purchase, I definitely recommend Vilo for their sunglasses and their customer service. Postage was really quick too."

Caitlyn M - New South Wales, Australia

Beautiful Crafted Sunglasses

"Loving these new sunglasses - well made, nicely crafted, super light and they look so dam cool! Plus they were delivered the day after I ordered. So fast!"


Natalie K

Harvey - Wooden Sunglasses

These glasses are very competitively priced, stylish and they are so light to wear! The engraved case was the perfect touch as I purchased these as a gift for Christmas. Would highly recommend!

Cassandra - Gold Coast, Australia

"Shout out to Vilo Eyewear for their awesome sunglasses and their extra awesome service! I ordered these sunglasses online 11am the other Thursday and had them in my hand by 10am the next morning!"

Carrie H, Australia

Just Lovely

"Love my new Vilo shades! They’re so light and comfy and I don’t get that soreness on the nose bridge like with some other metal types of sunglasses. Just lovely! Thanks 💕"

Elsa A,

Why Wooden Sunglasses?

We get it! Wooden sunglasses are different to what you're probably used to.

But get this - say goodbye to tension headaches and red marks. Wood is more than 33% lighter than plastic.

Say goodbye to mass produced oil derived plastic. Vilo sunglasses are handmade, renewable and the wood is biodegradable so it won't clog up a landfill.

Say goodbye to mass produced boredom. No two pairs are the same and every individual grain of wood is totally unique. If that's not enough check out our custom engravings to make them totally yours!

Isn't it time you ditched plastic?

Sunglasses handcrafted from natural wood. Polarized, UV400, eco friendly, sustainable and 33% lighter than plastic to keep you feeling fresh all day long!

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Vilo Supports A21 Australia

We Support A21

Fact: there are more slaves in the world today than ever before in history.

But together we’re standing alongside A21 in the fight against human trafficking because we believe that with your help, we can change that.

With every sunglasses purchase made, Vilo will donate 10% of the profits to A21 and their goal to end slavery around the world.

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Sunglasses Recycling Program

We also believe in a circular and sustainable society. It's no secret we believe wooden sunglasses are the way to go but by recycling that old pair of plastic sunglasses and donating them to someone else we can prevent them ending up unnecessarily in a landfill near you!

Vilo Sunglasses Recycling Program Australia

Quality Matters

VILO wooden sunglasses are handcrafted from FSC approved natural wood. Sustainable frames are then carefully matched with polarised, UV400 lenses using the latest optical technology for the ultimate in colour, clarity and protection.

Rest assured. Vilo offers a 12 month warranty