Blue Light Glasses

    Custom Engraving

    Vilo offers custom engraving to make your wood sunglasses totally special.

    Check out each product page to have it added for only $10!

    Custom engraved sunglasses sitting in the sand
    Personalised custom engraved sunglasses by Vilo Eyewear Australia
    Vilo Eyewear supports A21
    Supporting A21

    With every purchase made, Vilo will donate 10% of the profits to A21 and their goal to end slavery around the world.

    Recycled Sunglasses Program by Vilo Eyewear Australia
    Recycled Sunglasses Program

    Become sustainable and recycle that old pair of plastic sunglasses to someone in need! Not only does this prevent cataracts in the third world, it's the eco friendly option by preventing more plastic going to a landfill near you!