Vilo Recycling Program

Vilo Australia - Sunglasses Recycling Program


How does it work?

1. Donate your old pair of sunglasses (any brand but must be in usable condition) by:
  • Tag a photo of yourself donating your sunnies to a charity of your choice and tag us in using @viloeyewear
2. We'll email or DM your personal discount code for you to receive 20% off a new pair of Vilo wood sunglasses via the website!



Many people in poor and extremely sunny countries cannot afford to wear sunglasses. Over a short period of time this can lead to developing cataracts which although easy to fix in wealthier countries is a permanently debilitating disease for many people. All the sunglasses received by Vilo will be donated to such countries to help alleviate the problem.


We also believe in a circular and sustainable society. It's no secret we believe wooden sunglasses are the way to go but by giving that old pair of plastic sunglasses and new life with someone else we can prevent it ending up unnecessarily in a landfill near you!


** Discount code is one use per customer and cannot be applied to old orders. If you'd like more information contact us at


Wooden Sunglasses

Wooden sunglasses are extremely lightweight and in fact up to 33% lighter than similar plastic frames. Feel light and fresh all day long.

All Vilo sunglasses are natural and eco friendly. Whereas at the end of their life, plastic sunglasses take upwards of 450 years to decompose, wooden sunglasses will break down naturally in compost. During their life they act as a carbon sink by storing CO2 in the form of sunglasses, whilst allowing another tree to grow and remove more CO2 from the atmosphere. As wood is a natural living resource, every pair is non toxic and as unique as you.

All our lenses use the latest in optical technology.

Vilo sunglasses use TAC lenses made from plant based cellulose. The composition is made from 7 individual layers providing the ultimate in colour and clarity as well as providing UV400 filtering and impact resistance.

All Vilo sunglasses are polarized

Wood is extremely durable but just like all sunglasses there are a few tips to keep them in perfect condition.

All Vilo sunglasses come with a natural bamboo hardcase. Whenever you are not using your sunglasses, place them back in the hardcase which will protect them from knocks and scratches. Never store your sunglasses loosely (on in the soft bag) in your bag, pocket etc.

Avoid leaving them in places of extreme heat such as a car dashboard. These surfaces can get as high as 69 degrees celsius which can cause the lenses to delaminate in rare instances.

Your sunglasses are finished with a natural wood wax to protect them from sweat and moisture. It's best to avoid submerging them fully but if so just rinse them thoroughly with fresh water and allow to dry in a shaded area.

At this stage no. See our Wood Prescription Frame range for prescription ready frames. These frames are designed to easily insert and remove prescription lenses.

Shipping / Warranty

Yes Vilo stands by all it's sunglasses as the ultimate in lasting quality. All sunglasses are warranted against manufacturing defects for a full 12 months. This does not cover accidents or lack of care that results in damage. See our warranty page for further information.

We get that life is busy and accidents happen. That's why we offer 40% off a replacement pair if your glasses get broken or damaged within the first 200 days of purchase. Simply contact us and return them to receive your discount.

Usually 2 to 4 working days. See our Shipping & Returns page for full details.

Wooden Prescription / Bluelight Range

No. The wooden prescription frames range all come with a clear lenses blank which is then used by your optician to manufacture and fit the lenses particular to your individual prescription.

Simply contact your local optician and they will be able to manufacture and fit you lenses. Otherwise you can have your frames reglazed by many Australian companies online from as little as $50

Contact Us if you'd like to know more