Buyers Guide to Wooden Sunglasses

A Buyers Guide to Wooden Sunglasses - Top 8 Benefits of Wooden Sunglasses

Sustainable products are trending and there’s a good reason why. In the early 1900's 1.6 billion called planet earth home. Today almost 8 billion people share the same air, water and soil. We must find ways to live together so our home is not polluted beyond repair.

Buying sustainable products like wooden sunglasses can help cut down plastic waste and harmful manufacturing pollutants. But what are the benefits and what should you look for when purchasing wooden sunglasses?


1) Laminated frames are stronger than single-layer wood

If your sunglasses go with you everywhere you’ll need something durable. Instead of sporting chunky blocks of cypress wood on your face, laminated wood makes sunglasses thin but strong while remaining authentic.

Bamboo is a great sustainable option. While it’s easily sourced and cheap, it doesn’t prove as strong as other woods. It typically needs to be thick to maintain strength, but this can make for a bulky pair. If that’s your style then you’ll love it. No? Then laminated is the way to go.

 Laminated Wooden Sunglasses - Wood layers Shown


2) Your lens quality is important

You can use the same lenses you use in other sunglasses. Vilo offers polarised & UV400 lenses. We also specify ultra high clarity lenses so your vision is crystal clear.

Check our reviews if you're concerned about quality.


3) Wood for glasses has been sourced sustainably

Wood is sustainably sourced via the Forest Stewardship Council approved suppliers. This means we didn’t take bamboo from a baby Panda to make your glasses. The trees used are chosen for their sustainability and renew-ability whilst workers are compensated properly. This prevents deforestation and unnecessary lumber harvesting.

 Sustainable sunglasses

4) Try your glasses before you buy

Finding glasses that suit is hard. If you’re not familiar with wooden sunglasses that’s ok.

You can use Vilo’s virtual app to try out sunglasses on each product page. Spring hinges make for an adjustable fit so we know they’ll feel snug and won't fall off your face.

Regarding the perfect look: It can be costly to change your face, so we suggest if you don’t like the look, buy an alternate set of glasses instead.

Sunglasses spring hinges


5) Hard cases that can be personally engraved

Wooden sunglasses like hard cases. They feel safer there. Bamboo cases prove durable and lightweight. They look stylish too.

A benefit of including a sustainable wooden case, is they can easily be laser engraved, unlike soft pouches. Engraved cases become the perfect gift for your valentine crush or mum. They also suit as corporate gifts.

 Personalised sunglasses hard case


6) Shipping is fast

Most companies sell hundreds of products. We sell wooden sunglasses. Period. Because we specialize in this area it means our preparation and shipping process is streamlined.

Your glasses will arrive typically within 1 to 3 working days from clicking Buy Now. That’s a couple of days faster than our competitors. We pay a little bit more so you get your sunglasses fast!


7) Sunglasses warranty extends up to 1 year

While a typical sunglasses warranty lasts less than 40 days, Vilo warranty extends for up to 1 year. That equates to 365 days of worry-free sleep. With your glasses on of course.

 Vilo - Person Skydiving whilst wearing wooden sunglasses


8) You save people as well as the environment

Vilo supports A21: An anti-slavery organisation that works on the coalface to rescue and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking internationally. We do this because people are the most valuable gift this planet has to offer. Let’s look after each other and enact some meaningful change rather than tokenism.

A21 Abolish Human Trafficking