Woman leaning out of a car wearing Vilo Sunglasses

7 Tips to a More Sustainable Life

Sustainability… That’s the goal isn’t it? As a species we have come around to a few idea’s that have become too hard to ignore. This is our only planet, It’s struggling under the weight of our waste and we want to leave this world better off than how we found it.

Trouble is… it’s easier said than done. It is easy to carry on and to hope for the best. Sort of like how ostriches deal with their problems, don’t look and maybe everything will be fine. We are all too aware that this negligence isn’t a solution. But how do we change?

The best change is one you don’t have to make. Here are some badass pair’s of polarised shades, which won’t float the oceans for a thousand years. Ones that are sourced sustainably so that our kids can also have some badass polarised sunnies. And more importantly so they won’t have to look at a dying world choked on plastic through that same set of badass polarized sunnies. 

Mum with baby wearing sustainable Vilo wooden sunglasses

So if you are inspired like us to do good by the planet then here are some things you can do to help out around the place.

Replace the plastic - This is the first step in the change to sustainability. We've done it with single use plastic bags without too much of a struggle. Have a look around your home and possessions, what will still be around in a thousand years… (Basically anything plastic) Is it so irreplaceable that the time you spend using this plastic item is worth that amount of decay time? Replace the plastic items in your life with things that are inexhaustibly sourced and that won’t outlast our species.
E.g. Re-useable ceramic coffee cups, a metal water bottle re-filled from the tap, of course a pair of Vilo sunnies so you can look good saving the planet too.

Buy local – Keep your community bustling by supporting it. Head to the local market and grab a coffee in that reusable cup. Use local manufacturers, it may be cheaper to ship something around the world but there are unseen impacts like emissions and the potential for human exploitation. Buying local will usually ensure better quality goods, which last longer and come guilt free… they also keep the roof over your neighbour’s head.

Buy Seasonal – If you are buying local then you will realise we don’t have a year round supply of some things. Avocados just don’t like our climate year-round. Diversify your eating and make meals using only seasonal ingredients. You will find it cheaper too.

Read Labels - Most sustainable goods will advertise that fact on packaging. It’s something to be proud of so why not right? If you have two favourite brands and one is ethical and sustainable, then let that make up your mind.

Green Fingers - Start small and grow some herbs, then try your hand at growing some easy vegetables. Plant a lemon tree and other fruit trees, which will provide seasonal fruits for your future, along with cleaning the air we breath.

Save Power – Only 24% of all our power is generated through renewable sources. So try minimising your usage, and save some dosh doing so. Don’t put on the drier on a sunny day, turn off the lights, don’t take 45min showers. If we all save a little it can add up to a lot.

Take the Opportunity - Donate old cloths rather than sending them to landfills across the country. Its that old chestnut ‘One mans rubbish is another’s treasure’. Then take yourself down to the local OP shop and get thrifty. You might find just that perfect piece and give a garment a new lease on life. Vilo runs a recycling program to allow you to recycle that old pair of sunglasses

Go further, how can you make a bigger sustainable splash outside just your life… share your own sustainable ideas, make your sustainable dreams come true, and help leave this beautiful blue planet in a better way than we found it.